Meet Our Team

The current team consists of two part-time knitters and a local manager in Cusco, Peru. Silvia is with her extensive network, can-do attitude, and background in accounting a valuable asset for the expansion of the company. Nona and Libia have skills and experience making the most beautiful handmade, high quality products. In Tallinn, Estonia, Helena is our social media wizard. Maiko takes care of the accounting for the company, and Jack, my partner with extensive experience in business management and finance, is always available to give counsel.

  • Eveline | Founder & Owner

    An opportunity to make real local impact? Yes, please! An opportunity to create a sustainable product? Double yes! To empower others? A dream come true. Eveline is the working force behind the dream and inspiration of Yanantin Alpaca.

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  • Silvia | Logistics & Legal

    Speaking of strong, empowered women: Silvia is in charge of all Peruvian operations. Whether it is logistics, production or quality control, Silvia makes sure everything runs smoothly. She also makes sure that our impact is pure, real and as local as possible. There will be a day that Silvia will run Peru :)

  • Nona | Knitter & Product Design 

    Nona started as the first knitter of Yanantin and has designed many of our beautiful products. And all that while taking care of her grandson, Nico. Luckily she loves to spend her hours knitting, manually or with her power-knitting machine.

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  • Libia | Knitter & Product Design 

    Libia shows everyone that knitting is not boring! Her magical hands make the most beautiful handknitted products. She knows like no other that knitting is like meditation. A therapy that she wants to use to empower others.

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  • Helena | Social Media Manager 

    If you haven't met her yet, think about the most bubbly, hands-on, independent gal you can image. Times 10. That's Helena. Nothing she can't do. Or at least, nothing she won't force herself to learn.

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  • You? | Our Future Favorite Intern!

    Are you looking for a unique opportunity to work with a Social Enterprise? Do you think you can make a rockin' brand video? Or are you the king or queen of newsletter campaigns? Is photography of product fluffy products your thing? Or are you an over the moon salesperson? Drop an email and let's see what we can do for each other. ♡♡♡