About the Team


Hi! My name is Eveline and I started Yanantin Alpaca after having spent five years living in South America. I saw an opportunity to make real, local impact and took it with both hands: my own brand of sustainable alpaca woolen products, made to empower women. I believe that we can create a better world by focusing on what feels good. It makes me proud to see that the team is surely expanding...!


Speaking of strong, empowered women: Silvia is in charge of all Peruvian operations. Whether it is logistics, production or quality control, Silvia makes sure everything runs smoothly. She also makes sure that our impact is pure, real and as local as possible. There will be a day that Silvia will run Peru :)


Nona started as the first knitter of Yanantin. While taking care of her grandson she loves to spend some extra hours knitting, manually or with her power-knitting machine. She also does crochet and is currently working on our newest batch of (organic!) cotton accessories.  


Libia shows everyone that knitting is not boring! Her magical hands make the most beautiful handknitted products. With great attention for detail she is currently working on the baby sweaters.