About the Materials

In my mission to make my own wardrobe more sustainable, I choose to buy less clothes. And when I do buy clothes, I choose sustainable fabrics. Yanantin aims to help you with those sustainable choices. By using fabrics that are durableversatile and sustainable. (Yes, that includes being ethically madefair trade and animal-friendly, too!)

Alpaca Wool

Sustainable, soft and very warm. Alpaca wool is one of those amazing materials that I can just wear year-round. Literally! It is breathable, wind- and water resistant and insulating. You actually feel comfortable wearing alpaca wool in many different environments and weather conditions. 

On top of that, alpaca wool is sustainable in many different ways. The animal leaves a very little footprint to our world. The fiber makes products that are strong, durable and barely need to be washed. It is also biodegradable and doesn’t require much chemical treatment during production.

Yanantin alpaca uses wool that is produced fairly, ethically and animal friendly. The producers work with local, small-scale farmers, who benefit from the stability and efficiency of working with bigger cooperations. Regular alpaca wool is between 24 and 27 microns.

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Baby Alpaca Wool

Baby alpaca refers to the grade of alpaca wool between 21.5 and 23 microns.

The term “baby” has nothing to do with the age of the animal. However, fiber diameter increases when animals age and that means that it becomes a little less soft when an alpaca gets older. Baby alpaca is softer than regular alpaca and is often shorn from the “blanket” (back area).

Since baby alpaca is softer than regular alpaca it is more likely to be itch-free. It is great for people with sensitive skin

From baby to baby... Baby alpaca is also great for little babies. With thermoregulating capabilities, you're baby will be comfortably warm when wrapped in a super soft baby alpaca woolen garment. 

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Wool Blends

SUPER fluffy, extremely soft, very warm, and super breathable. And strong! Wow! A baby alpaca and merino wool blend basically has it all. Both wool fibers are top quality of their category and either of them compete for softness, warmth and breathability.

Wool blends combine the best of two different fibers. By blending baby alpaca and merino wool a garment is soft and warm, while being elastic, stretchy and thus more durable. 

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Organic Cotton

Cotton is one of the most used fibers for clothing. From underwear to T-shirts, and from coats to denim. Cotton is a popular material for millenia! Organic cotton is a sustainable, durable and vegan fabric that is incredibly versatile. And a lot of organic cotton happens to be made in Peru. 

The cotton used for Yanantin products is certified organic and fair-trade and uses natural dyes.

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