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Yanantin Alpaca

Baby Hat | 100% Baby Alpaca Wool | 3-6 Months | Baby Bear

Baby Hat | 100% Baby Alpaca Wool | 3-6 Months | Baby Bear

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Are you looking for a hat for your newborn? Look no further. This 100% baby alpaca woolen hat is just what you need. Soft, light, and comfortable. 

Baby alpaca can be worn year-round, so no need to switch hats halfway through the day. Or to clean it, for that matter. Baby alpaca doesn’t absorb smells. It also doesn’t stain and it doesn’t wrinkle. Take the hat wherever you and your little one go. 

Ah, we’d almost forget the most important feature: it’s mega cute. 


  • Size: 3-6 months (diameter of 17 cm / 6.67 inch)

  • Material: 100% baby alpaca wool (20-22 microns) 

  • Baby alpaca is natural and durable: future-proof in many ways.

  • All products are hand-made which makes every item unique. Sizes may vary slightly.

  • The label is made of eco-friendly vegan leather. The hats are hand-finished for extra durability.

Washing Instructions

  • Alpaca does not absorb smells or stains and should be washed sparingly. 
  • Our recommendation: airing instead of washing.
  • Hand wash only! 

More information? Read our washing instructions for alpaca wool.

About us

Yanantin Alpaca is a Social Enterprise. All our items are made to empower women in Peru and Bolivia. With a great salary, flexible working hours, and training. We reinvest our revenue in the company to continue to empower women. 

Products are shipped from Estonia. Please note that you might have to pay additional import taxes for orders outside of the European Union. These are non-refundable.

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